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Body cam footage of police officer in the shooting death of 16 year Columbus teen


Prince Georges County  Maryland Community Grieves  13  year old shot to death by 12 year old

Surveillance video shows moment young pregnant teen and friend shot in Washington DC

/Maryland Line

Replay: Derek Chauvin Found Guilty On All Charges In Murder Of George Floyd | NBC News


Louisiana Teen Killed At Walmart On Her Birthday, 4 Suspects Arrested

Fairfax County (Virginia)  State Trooper off  force after traffic stop viral video

30-Year-Old Woman Found Dead On Streets of DC With Severe Laceration' Police Say

Indianapolis Teen Kills Family After Arguing With His Dad For Breaking Curfew

22-year-old killed grocery shopping while mom waited in car

Miya Ponsetto charged with attempted assault for apparent on-camera attack of teen in New York City

CBS This Morning

In an exclusive interview, Gayle King spoke with Miya Ponsetto and attorney Sharen Ghatan, before Ponsetto's arrest last week. Parents of the teen who Miya Ponsetto falsely accused say her arrest is the first step for justice.

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