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5 Raw Crystal Chakra Necklace Grade A

5 Raw Crystal Chakra Necklace Grade A

Heal, protect and enhance your chakras and aura with this beautiful powerhouse of 5 crystals.


5 Crystals:

Orange Calcite


Creativity, Physical Energy, Sexuality, Vitality Color: OrangeChakra: Sacral Chakra

Type of: Calcite


Orange calcite works  on the second chakra, the center of our sexuality and creativity. It also can help support the third chakra, the core of our will.

Helps you get moving if you are feeling lethargic or depressed

Lifts your spirits and helps you see the world optimistically

Increases your confidence in your creativity




Green Aventurine-


Abundance, Confidence, Growth, Hope, Joy, Prosperity, Vitality

Color:GreenChakra:Heart ChakraType of: Quartz


The Green Aventurine crystal  is like a spring cleaning for your emotional body.

Energizing, revitalizing that keeps you moving  forward through adversity and the challenges of life

Helps you let go of patterns and attachments that aren’t serving you anymore

Helps you release heartbreak, grief andbalances your heart chakra

Helps you stay anchored to your self-worth and centered in your heart

Helps those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or who just need help getting out of their head and into a lighter, more balanced state of mind.

A stone of luck and prosperity and allows you to be open to receiving abundance.


Celestite Crystal:


Calm, Inner Work, Meditation, Purification, Spiritual GuidanceColor: BlueChakras: Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra


Celestite is a gentle, uplifting stone that has a sweet, soothing energy. It purifies and stimulates the third-eye chakra and crown chakra, helping you tune into your guides and angels and access higher states of consciousness.

Helps you communicate with your guardian angels

Brings soothing and uplifting energy to your environment

Supports staying at a high vibration


Amethyst Crystal:


Changing Bad Habits, Clarity, Intuition, Meditation, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Purification

Color:Purple Chakras: Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Birthstone: FebruaryType of: Quartz


The Amethyst crystal is known for it's  healing work. It is a  all-purpose stone that works with psychic and mental energy, and supports intuition, as well as divine connections, and higher states of consciousness while simultaneously protecting you from negative energy as you open yourself up to receive information or downloads. Amethyst supports mental clarity and balance, helping you make decisions with a clear head and in alignment with your intuition and higher guidance. It shifts  negative patterns like addictions and bad habits or toxic attachments. Amethyst supports you to identify and transform the root causes behind these patterns, integrate the lesson, and make responsible choices going forward. Amethyst heals anxiety, helps with anger. In general amethyst helps shift your orientation from ego-based concerns to spiritual ones, and your mood from cloudy or down to clear and bright. Amethyst is a great “sacred self-care” stone!

Protects from negative energy

Supports intuition and connection to Spirit

Helps you transform negative patterns in your life


Clear Quartz


Clarity, Manifestation, Prosperity, Psychic Abilities, Purification Color: Clear White, Chakra: Crown Chakra Birthstone: April


Clear quartz l crystal is a healing crystal because it is a blank slate that can be programmed with your intention. With focused concentration in meditation, you can set your crystal to assist you with  goals,  manifestations, healing, or any other outcome you seek. It amplifies energy, including the energy of your intention, or the energy of other crystals. It can be used as a crystal cleansing stone as well.


Quartz crystals are essential tools to help with manifesting, because they remember the intention you set and can thus be strengthened over time to amplify your intention, as well as serve as a means to remember and focus yourself.

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