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Orange Calcite Raw Crystal Grade A

Orange Calcite Raw Crystal Grade A

SKU: 6666

The Orange Calcite Crystal  is a beautiful orange colored  sunny, warm, energizing stone that helps you clear your aura of stagnant energy and gets you moving toward your goals with confidence.

If you are stuck on a problem, orange calcite can help you shift your mindset to look for solutions. It has a lightening, playful effect that shifts the energy in a room.


If you have any trauma connected to your sexuality or sexual history, orange calcite can be useful to heal wounds and reclaim your capacity for pleasure. It is wonderful for working with any shame that binds or stops you from living authentically. It restores your passion, creativity, sexuality.


Other benefits:

Helps you get moving if you are feeling lethargic or depressed

Lifts your spirits and helps you see the world optimistically

Increases your confidence in your creativity

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