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Spiritual Detoxification Bath Salt Rocks Infused with Lavender & Peony

Spiritual Detoxification Bath Salt Rocks Infused with Lavender & Peony

SKU: 8888

Aura is everything. These crystal salt rocks will aid in restoring your beautiful aura. Theses beautiful peony, lavender and coconut milk infused rocks will soak away all the negative energy and retore your peace, harmony and happiness with a positive bow. 


Crystal salt rocks are excellent crystals for all forms of love, especially self-love. The properties of the salt allow one to find a sense of purpose, to live a healthier lifestyle, learning to say no to negativity, and to take time for personal recreation and enjoyment.


Health Benefits:

Crystal salt rocks, are also known for there ability to ionize the air, thus enhancing your well being and improving your health. Negative ions are essential for our health and well-being. 


 Negative ions are part of why crystal salt rocks help in the cure of several diseases. support treatment of allergies, rheumatism, respiratory system issues, and blood system diseases.  

These attributes enhance our well being, ability to learn, and enhanced performance in mental tasks. The concentrations of negative ions in the air have been linked to a decrease bacteria in the air. This greatly lowers the risk of infection in people.


Other health benefits are:  relief from sinus congestion, migraine headaches, allergies, hay fever, reduce the severity of asthma attacks, enhance the immune system, increase alertness, increase work productivity and concentration, increase lung capacity, and reduce susceptibility to colds and flu.

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