"Life-changing  Experience"


Meeting Ms. Myers has been such a blessing to me. I reached out to her because I was experiencing some serious communication issues in my relationship. During my meeting with Ms. Myers, she was


very attentive and was able to provide me with some helpful tools, to help me to understand communication, my relationship issues and also teach me how to communicate better. What Ms.Myers gave me was golden. Today I listen more and able to communicate my feeling more effectively. My relationship has also improved, I truly believe Ms. Myers is more than capable of helping those who are struggling in any area of their lives. I thank you so much for something that has been life-changing for me.

Barbara Robinson~June 2020

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

We thank you so much from the bottom of our heart for your donation to help our family during this difficult time. with all of this going on, and the tragedy we had in December, none of this has been easy whatsoever. we appreciate you tremendously and cannot thank you enough!

Kayla Hawkins message: July 29th, 2020




Kizzie Castille 

Sat, Jul 25, 2020 6:36 PM 

to Itsalifestyleconsultingllc

I want to thank Miss Bonita and her group for helping me with assistance like I said before anything help I appreciate everything that y'all have done for me and it will be definitely used in  the right way .my kids and I are very much grateful for this, we are going to the store now to get groceries to thank you so so so very much️🥰

​Gallen Sylve

Wed, July 29th, 2020 1:32 pm

to Itsalifestyleconsultingllc

I want to say how much I want to thank your company for helping me and my son with groceries and I all so want to say how much it means the world to me and my little family.

Angel Palmer July 2020

I Want To Thank Mrs. Bonita For Her Response In My Time In Need She Has Been A Lifesaver For Me And My Kids No Matter What She Made Sure We Didn't Go Without I Can't Thank Her Enough And I Would Recommend Her Services To Anyone Thank You 

Kizzie Castille 

August 12th, 2020 6:28 PM (3 minutes ago) to Itsalifestyleconsultingllc

Let me tell you about my first hand experience with Bonita Tiffani Myers. I came across her online and was drawn to reaching out. I was a bit nervous because I knew I needed guidance but wasn't sure what type. In my previous experiences with a therapist in my past, I didn't really connect but I gave her a try and it was the best experience I’ve had. Great energy! Her insight and ability to connect and communicate with compassion are extremely resourceful and were so helpful and enlightening. I started my sessions about 2 weeks ago. And I've already begun to feel better and have more clarity in many areas of my life especially my relationships, I lost someone important to my life who has been gone for a year. It's been tough and I've been grieving since that dreadful night. Bonita is helping me through the grief and healing process. Helping me to better understand grief, trauma, and how to allow myself to heal find my purpose.

She didn't know anything about me or my relationship but was able to pinpoint so much about me, him, and our relationship. The energy between us made me feel comfortable, open, and safe. It has been such a relief to talk to someone whom I feel understands and gets me!

I've been completely shocked. She has a way of talking to you that gives you comfort and genuine healing within as well. I definitely found a lifetime healer with a genuine heart. Definitely should give her a chance and believe me you won't regret it. I can say I've received some closure and realizations, ways to better cope and heal. I can only imagine what 6months from now will look like for me.

Thank you.

Catherine Moreira -Client

Feb 3rd 2021

I want to say thank you for the answers and the peace of mind because of you I can sleep a little better at night. My experience with your sessions have been amazing what I love the most is how detailed and informative you are, and I will continue to support your business. I recommend anyone who has been feeling down and needing answers or just needs come clarification to try a session, it helped me and I’m positive it will help you too!"

Kimmie Peralta



I got a session with Bonita she is amazing, humble and so point. I feel blessed to know from her and i hope i am able to connect with her again

Reva B


"I loved how detailed, attentive and informative you were in the session, and love your welcoming and helpful energy. Also very interesting how much you did relate and it gave me reassurance that I needed cause I was too in my head before I reached out to you,, so thank you so much!"

Shakira Rodriguez


"Miss Bonita Tiffani is the real deal!!!! All she asked was basic questions about me in our session but was still able to tell me my whole story...I really can’t wait to see how things unfold in my life....Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

Will definitely be booking again!!!!"

Angela S Porche'


Thanks Bonita!

Our session was everything I wanted & needed to hear! I got clarification on love & relationship advice that I needed. Now I know what direction to take to get the happiness my heart desires. I was so confused before our session now it all makes sense. You are truly a blessing & your session was well worth it. I will be talking with you again. "

Thanks! Ms. C


Ms. Bonita Tiffani and I had a short session, but the impact was a 100/10 experience for me, not only was her voice calming and her approach kind and outgoing she really brought me back down to earth she really pin pointed things that i wouldn’t have even thought about myself! i highly highly recommend her to anyone and everyone she’s a very welcoming and beautiful soul and still has that loving mother approach that really made me feel safe and secure words couldn’t explain how much i appreciate her and our session she really set me in the right path !


High School Senior

Dear Bonita Tiffani,

My session with you was spot on, got the clarity I wanted , it was detailed and informative and much more than I expected , your advise and understanding of my situation was very kind . I appreciate this from the bottom of my heart.

Noreen Jamal

Nairobi Kenya

OMG, EVERYTHING in this session was spot on! It was like you were reading my inner most thoughts and giving me answers to questions that plagued me for quite some time. You have an AMAZING gift and I hope you continue to share your gift with others! Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again soon!!

Angela Busey

I met Ms. Bonita while I was on the phone with a friend and she had told me she picked up on my energy before I even spoke to her. Thats what made me want to have a session. I never really tried anything like this and I thought it was a great experience. The session was spot on and accurate enough to the point where it started to freak me out, because she opened me up about things I never really shared until now. It's amazing how much Ms. Bonita can find out about you and tell through general conversation. She made me realize who I was and it helped me understand the obstacles that are in front of me preventing me from moving forward. She even guided me on how to overcome my obstacles. I highly recommend you go to Ms. Bonita to find yourself so that in the future you can make better decisions that will benefit you in your life.

Oh my word Bonita  TLM. You are absolutely precise and to the tea. You are patient, understanding knowledge, accurate  and very clear in your sessions. I am so grateful for your kind gesture to help me out and you even  took extra time and explained everything to me properly along with a quick solution.  It all made sense and was absolutely correct. I have been trying so hard to get clarity on my present issues and you have now cleared the air. You are absolutely god sent and are perfectly cut out to do this job. I am ecstatic and overjoyed with your work and my experience..love and light always. May you grow from strength to strength. I wish u every success in your future. Guys please please, if you need help, guidance or advice approach Bonita for services. I promise you, it will be the best decision and experience ever.  Bonita much love to you, you genius 
Renita Pillay~ SOUTH AFRICA

Ms. Bonita Tiffani is the real deal! She took her time in explaining everything and couldn't be more accurate and clear about me and my life.. I felt like she connected to me, my energy and experiences perfectly. She seems very down to earth and to the point. She gave me the reassurance I needed in regards to love, relationships and my career trajectory. I highly recommend!!!


"I loved how detailed, attentive and informative you were in the session, and love your welcoming and helpful energy. Also very interesting how much you did relate and it gave me reassurance that I needed cause I was too in my head before I reached out to you,, so thank you so much!"

Shakira Rodriguez


Bonita Tiffani Is the most beautiful soul I have ever connected with. She is brilliant in her sessions. Each and every word she spoke resonated with my situation. I am literally into tears while writing this. She not just gives the accurate accounts in life experiences but also the amazing guidance and advice too that can help a person to look beyond. I am so thankful to her and God that we crossed paths in this lifetime. I definitely recommend her for guidance on your life journey and experiences. She is truly the best ❤.I highly recommend!!!!! 



Bonita Tiffan is by far one of the BEST Advisors I have came across ️️️ she was so detailed and accurate in life experiences and her ability to answer my QUESTIONS I would highly recommend her if you want compassion and understanding in regards to life situations and relationships.
Joletha Felder

This session that I had with Ms. Bonita on my relationship and  love in general, was just overall mind blowing. It was definitely worth the wait and time. I needed all this closure on my relationship because technically we're not together but have been dealing with each other for 9 months now. And I'm always curious on how he's feeling or if he feels the same about me etc. You hit a lot of questions I was wondering about on the head. I would recommend you to ANYONE.
So glad my auntie told me about you.
Jasmine Lennon  

I want to say that Ms.Bonita Tiffini gave me the best experience. The session with her was spot on, everything was great, everything she said gave me a sense of security and motivation to elevate me to the next level. I met with her for 2+ hours long. The detailing and the level of description that she gave for every event in my life was absolutely crazy. I wouldn't even say go to her for a short term experience, I would say go to her to find yourself, have her as a life coach, a mentor ,or a teacher. I would fully recommend her services to the general public because it serves a purpose to putting fulfilment and a sense of security in people's lives. 100% recommend!
Amar S 

This session that I had with Ms. bonita on health, love and my general life was mind blowing! She didn’t even know I had a health condition and the first time we spoke she covered everything health. And the reasons why I have been sick for the past 12 years. Every thing she said resonated with me, my past, my current situation and future . I happened to come across her testimonials on fb and I felt  drawn to her and deeply connected with her. And when we talked  I knew she was connecting with me. I have had 2 sessions so far and I am forever grateful for her advice and how she counsels you.
She will not leave you alone to deal with life's crazy ups and downs. She is not only a therapist/ counselor but can turn into a friend when you need advice! No extra charge! She is very well understanding when it comes to income . I highly recommend her ! Thank you so much bonita! I’m glad I found you.
Sandra Cortez
Williams California 

I had another session with @BonitaTiffani and again she has shown me how incredibly talented she is. She handled my questions so comprehensively and professionally. She cleared my doubts and was so sensitive throughout. I will bet my money on her advice and guidance any day and I am a miser otherwise. I respect and appreciate the help and time by her and urge others reading this to definitely consult her.

Bonita Tiffani just gave me one of the best sessions I have ever had in my life. I am a entrepreneur too and have been to a few ppl prior to her. But she is the first to give me a advice and guidance like that️ She guided me through a conversation I had 2 days ago with soulmate and understood what I was trying to say to a tee. This man isn't just anyone he is also my best friend .U r amazing u definitely  have a gift to be proud of. Keep shining love ️
Calgary Alberta Canada 

"I had a session with Bonita and she was on point and straight forward with everything she said to me, she is really the one to come to about anything and helps tremendously..."
thanks so much ️
North Carolina 

"Ms. Bonita is sweet & very straight forward . I have been questioning about my situation & she has given me insight about a lot . I’ve been working with her for a few weeks & she already taught me things that I now implement & I do see positive changes/results and outcomes have shifted .  It’s always a pleasure having a session with Ms. Bonita because she will give you the truth but also is very compassionate at the same time."
Whitney ️
North Carolina 

She is very down to earth and not rehearsed. Very insightful in explaining every aspect of things, and the different meanings or ways of seeing things, seeing life.
Fun Fact: "She also guessed my lovers sign type (wow) without me even mentioning it." Very genuine.
Katrina Coots 

"I had a session with Bonita and she was on point and straight forward with everything she said to me, she is really the one to come to about anything and helps tremendously..."
thanks so much ️
North Carolina