The Face Behind It's a Lifestyle Consulting, LLC

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I love what I do!

It has always been a passion of mine to help others see their highest potential. Whether it was within their family dynamics, personal or career-related goals and relationships, financial structures, business ventures, or overall life goals, being a part of their process, their solutions, and the moment when they come to the realization of how worthy and capable they really are, is truly the greatest fulfillment I have ever experienced. No matter where you are from, what your circumstances are, or the environment you find yourself in,  you are ABLE.

Everyone is equally deserving of a chance or opportunity!

It’s a Lifestyle Consulting, LLC was created with these same values in mind.

When I decided to establish this business, my mission was to provide a platform that would educate, inform, and transform the lives of others. 

Through my work I've been able to help build stronger family foundations and dynamics, teach coping mechanisms, enhance  positive prospective in challenging situations, educate in the many styles of communication, so there is an ability to clearly communicate with the intent to listen to "understand" as opposed to  "respond”,  help in building both solid financial structures, and financial literacy, and lastly, assist in areas of life where someone may have felt stuck, uncertain as if there was an emotional imbalance, and a need to talk or  have a push-start to get them going in the right direction. 

Through my advocacy, therapy, guidance, structured planning, goal setting and educational resources lives have been transformed.

I’m a family/relationship therapist and experienced successful

life coach that has helped people/families sort through the many facets of their lives. 

It has been an humbling experience, and I'm grateful for each opportunity.

Inspiring quotes:

“Change your perception and you’ll change your life." 

"Be the change you want to see."

"What you see in your mirror determines your real view."

"Your today is based on your present."

"Self love is the best love"

It’s your “Lifestyle"

Bonita Tiffani Myers

CEO & Founder