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Join Today: Gold Membership

Monthly Fee $10.00 

Become a part of our community, and be apart of the bigger picture. I've always wanted to develop a platform that not only educated but also transformed. To be able to be a stable resource for the youth- the generations after us, as well as the bridge in the gap between their success, their expansion, and the voice of reason where they have lost hope. How amazing it would be to know you are a  contributing factor to their greater good and success stories.


Your monthly subscription contributes to the programs provided to at-risk youth, senior citizens, and the homeless. In addition, we engage with each other and look at ways to better assist in the process. Be a part of being a solution to a problem that affects many families all over the world, with education being the key.


Together we will change another's misfortunes, circumstances, and or accommodate a need so they see the value in their lives again. It's an amazing experience.

I've done several solo projects but as they say, it takes a village, "We are that Village." And together we will change lives one at a time. Join the community!

"Faith Without Works is Dead"

Join Today!

Join Today: Silver Membership Yearly Fee $120.00

Gold/Silver Member "PERKS" 

  •  Instant board member

  •  A part of active planning and creating projects, programs, and sharing of resources

  • Free It's a Lifestyle merchandise ( t-shirts, hats, etc)

  • Participant in our interactive "Live Blog"  and selection of the comment of the week highlight

  • Recipient of giveaways & exclusive Discounts

  • Access to comment section during live podcast "Just Me and My Favorite" with special guest

  • 1-week free business advertisement every 3 months

  • Exclusive access to upcoming events, clubs, network directory. consultations, job opportunities & classes

  • Monthly newsletter updates

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