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Carnelian Crystal Grade C Small

Carnelian Crystal Grade C Small

Carnelian Crystal boosts fertility and physical intimacy and has a strong healing energy. 

This crystal has a strong energy to accelerate your motivation and will give you the courage and confidence to move forward on a new path in life.


Carnelian is associated with  sacral or navel chakra to initiate an improvement in physical intimacy.  You can combine  Zincite and Orange Calcite,  with this crystal and have quite an amazing time in the bedroom!


Carnelian is a crystal that accelerates action and has quite  a powerful energy to help to boost motivation and clarification.T his power crystal stimulates ambition and drive and has a powerful action to aid creative gifts. This crystals energy also maintains an improved flow of life force energy via the blood. The vibration of this bright orange stone  aids to clarify your goals, so you can find your best direction in life.


This crystal is quite stimulating, but also helps to soothe anger or rage and bring calm.

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